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A group of technology companies and sports & entertainment venues that collaborate and provide safety, security, and service solutions to make the fan journey a memory-making experience

”It takes all of us! If we combine the technology and resources of our Xperience Board of Trustee’s executive leadership to steer the establishment and implementation of a global macro sports and entertainment platform combined with our Gold and Silver Partners with innovative thinking across the board – from entrepreneurial ventures and small to mid-sized companies to the larger ones, innovation magic will happen in our midst!” says Dr. Lou Marciani, co-founder of IIFX and the visionary behind the Consortium. “If we work as a group, there is no telling what breakthroughs will emerge.”​

Dr. Lou Marciani

Director and Co-founder of IIFX

“The Xperience Consortium was established to provide a leadership role in connecting sports and entertainment organizations with a larger ecosystem of consortium members.  Our goal isto provide value-added opportunities to people and companies in the industry to help them grow their businesses. We are reimagining the sports and entertainment business in the digital age.”

Kasia Hanson

Global Director, Video & Public Safety Internet Things Group - Intel Corporation ​

Kasia Hanson

A Worldwide Industry Technology Ecosystem and Think Tank


Focused on Innovation and the Fan Journey

Reimagining the Sports and Entertainment Fan Journey in the Digital Age

Our Mission

The Xperience Consortium seeks value added opportunities for its members as it continues shaping the Sports & Entertainment ecosystem to help create and generate:

  • Increased revenue
  • Sustained growth
  • Sustainable & efficient operations
  • Frictionless fan journey
  • Growing and diversified fanbase
  • Immersive, memory-making fan experiences


Best-in-Class Solutions

The Fan Journey is the Experience!   The Xperience Consortium is ready to help you deploy innovative technology, which moves the sports and entertainment industry forward in its digital journey.  This helps organizations drive revenue, provide professional development, maximize security, public health, and safety, and increase physical and digital fan engagement at each step of the fan journey.




The future of sports and entertainment venues Sports & Entertainment events have always been about the fans. From nationally televised annual championship and specialty events to regionally important games of the week and concerts, fans gather to celebrate elite performers and to create memories they revisit for years.

Every aspect of a sports or entertainment experience represents a small step in the tech-enabled fan journey, from the moment an event ticket is purchased online to the first time when fans take their seats at the venue.

In short, the fans are there for the spectacle and for the experience.  Technology can create an immersive, memory-making FANCENTRIC experience.  Learn more by downloading our free eBook!

Where Does Your Organization Enhance the
Fan Journey?

Join us as we...

Lead the way In Connecting Sports and Entertainment Organizations With An Ecosystem Of Consortium Members Focused on Technology

Develop new ways to use technology in training and professional development

Identify and Develop Technology Solutions for Industry Challenges – Reimagining Key Services Through Digital Transformation

Transform Interaction in the Fan Experience Ecosystem Between Fans, Artists, Teams, Venues, Sports Leagues and More Through Technology

Conduct Product and Idea Pitches, Roundtables and Showcases To Foster Innovation


Desired Outcomes with Multiple Use Cases

  • Fan & Facility Safety & Security
  • Fan Journey Experience
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Sustainability & Environmental Footprint
  • Enhanced Revenue Streams

opportunities to grow your business

Interactive Collaboration Opportunities

Through the Consortium’s partnership with Axis Communications, members have access to Axis Experience Centers in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York City, Mexico City, San Jose, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. providing members with a physical and interactive space for meetings, demonstrations, training and more. Members whose ideas make it through the final vetting process may be able to showcase their ideas at the Axis Experience Centers

Accelerating Industry Innovation

Xperience Consortium (XC) members and the project management team from Proteum Capital will provide expert guidance to validate solutions. They’ll assist with privacy, intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, and will help tailor a roadmap for winning projects for adoption across global venues. The Xperience Board of Trustees will be the lead innovators. IIFX’s venue partners and Gold and Silver Partners will provide real-world working environments for testing concepts.

Pitches and Product Showcases

Xperience members as well as the industry will submit ideas to the greater group to be vetted. Those ideas making it to the next level will go through a pitch process. Appropriate NDAs and other documents will be in place to protect intellectual property with a goal of making everyone feel free to share ideas. The goal is to accelerate traction of the best ideas through the consortium as quickly as possible.

To join or learn more, contact Lou Marciani [email protected] / 601-466-9647

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