Netflix’s Most Successful Show to Date: Squid Game

Netflix’s “Squid Game” is the streaming service’s most successful show to date. Since it’s release, the world has been going crazy for the dramatic and thrilling show that is not only the number one show in the United States but in more than 90 other countries such as South Korea and the United Kingdom. 

The South Korean series, set in modern-day Seoul, is a survival thriller where contestants with large debts owed to banks and unscrupulous financiers play children’s games to win money. The 9-episode series highlights a growing problem in South Korea currently – the issue of personal indebtedness and paying it off.

With all of the show’s popularity, the South Korean audience is very sensitive about the show airing the “dirty laundry” of rising personal debt in their country. On the other hand, an important part of the popularity of the show in South Korea is that it resonates with people and addresses real issues that affect the South Korean people and others around the world.

South Korean Pride and “Squid Game”

Set in modern-day Seoul, South Koreans are excited about the show and are proud of their growing television and film industry. “Squid Game” is growing more popular as audiences discover it.

As the popularity of the show traveled to the West, the South Korean creators of the show like the attention.

Netflix Being Sued Over Streaming Traffic Spike 

Though the popularity of the show demonstrates the growing power and influence of the South Korean television and film industry. The “Squid Game” may be too popular for some internet service providers. The South Korean internet provider and traffic service, SK Broadband, is suing Netflix citing the fact that the show’s popularity is causing elevated traffic and usage fees. 

NOTE:  IIFX’s staff binge watched the series over the weekend.  It’s engaging, suspenseful, and leaves you wanting more.

The provider is seeking reparations from Netflix to pay for the costs of binge streaming and accelerated traffic in the Netflix streaming service itself. 

Netflix would like to work together through the issue with SK Broadband to ensure smooth usage of their service

Is “Squid Game” Still Gaining Popularity a Month after its Release?

Released on September 17, 2021, the show has shown tremendous growth, even a month later.

The show is still number one on the charts in Netflix United States, and tracking systems show the popularity of “Squid Game” is still on the rise. Word of mouth and advertising are gaining it even more attention. 

Celebrities and popular athletes are even showing their love for the show. Some are tweeting about the show and others are buying apparel and shoes celebrating the show.

It does not seem as though the show will lose its buzz anytime soon.

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