Entertainment: A Movie Being Filmed In Space?

A full-scale movie is being filmed in space, and Russian actress Yulia Peresild will be the first star in a movie filmed on the International Space Station. On October 5th, Yulia and her film crew arrived after a three and a half hour journey at the International Space Station to begin filming scenes for “Vyzov” (The Challenge) – a film set on the space outpost.

Yulia’s character is a heart surgeon who is given a month to prepare herself to launch into space and operate on a cosmonaut at a fictional space outpost. 


What Was the Preparation For A Movie in Space?

The crew and Peresild underwent an extensive and rigorous simulations and training before heading into space. Russian state-controlled television is covering the entire process of liftoff and their return to Earth.


Launching from the Russian space station in Kazakhstan, the launch went smoothly and the arrival went as planned. 

Peresild and crew are limited to 12 days in space to film any scenes involving cosmonauts and doctors in space.

What Does This Mean for American Actors? 

Though Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible fame has aimed to be the first actor in space, the Russian crew and Peresild have beaten Cruise to it. Cruise and his production team are working with Elon Musk (SpaceX) and NASA to create an action-adventure film based in space. 

Like the Russian film “Vyzov” (The Challenge), Tom Cruise and his team will film aboard the ISS. 

Cruise and his film crew were set to film originally this month, though it has been delayed until at least 2022. Look for more action-adventure films that are filmed in space coming to a theater near you! 

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