Vaccine Passports: How Large Events Could Potentially Change

In recent events, countries such as Scotland are requiring the use of a vaccine passport. 

Proof of vaccination is encouraged by the President of the United States and other world leaders.

People may have to show proof of a vaccine passport and/or a negative Covid test to attend events.

These events might include music festivals, football matches, nightclubs, concerts, and more

Those who are have their vaccine will receive a QR Code for their smartphone proving they have both doses.

Though it seems requiring the use of a Covid-19 vaccine passport could have a negative effect on those who are not willing to get the vaccine. 

“Vaccine hesitancy,” or resistance to being vaccinated has been a challenge throughout the pandemic.

This hesitancy may stem from fear of the vaccine itself, distrust in the government, or the stigma associated with vaccination. 

Governments hope health passports will encourage people everywhere to get their Covid-19 shot, so that they can enjoy these large events.

Since spring 2021, sporting and entertainment events have been requiring proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test for entry. 

Some sports stadiums now also require the use of a “vaccine passport”. Oracle Park, Citi Field, and Yankee Stadium are among some of the Major League Baseball teams requiring health passes.

Sports teams, entertainment companies, and venues are suffering severe financial repercussions, losing billions since the start of the pandemic.


With capacity limitations mostly gone in 2021, professional teams have been urging their fans to get back to their stadiums and ballparks.

Also, the use of these health apps and vaccine passports have alienated some of the audiences for these events.

The debate continues on whether or not vaccination status should affect people’s ability to attend full capacity events. 

Most stadium protocols make use of vaccine passports, also vaccination is strongly encouraged for anyone attending a live sports or entertainment event.  

Are you eligible for vaccination? Talk to your doctor about vaccination, and you can find vaccines near you in the U.S. here

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