Introducing IIFX’s First Fan Panel!

For decades, sports and entertainment viewership has been a relationship comprised of two parties: the business operations and the fans. For whatever reason, there is often a lack of direct communication between the two sides. As the COVID-19 pandemic limits in-person attendance, countless companies and organizations are working tirelessly to bring the industry back to a normal state of operations – to get it ready for the fans. In order to better prepare for this task, business operations teams want to collaborate with fans to better understand their needs and expectations so that fans return to spectate.

To help this effort, IIFX has created a first-ever Fan Panel, which will work side-by-side with the business professionals as they prepare.  This panel is purposed for fans to  provide their valuable insight to help event planners and  business operations at sports venues create the best fan experience possible. The fans are the most important part of the sports industry.  The industry wants to rise and meet fan expectations with the best experience possible.  They can do it much easier by working with well-informed fans who are ready to return and enjoy the games we love in the venues built for them.

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