Everyone Can Play ESPORTS NOW

As a kid, my parents never let me own an expensive gaming computer. They never saw the value for it and believed that my Mac could serve just fine for all my gaming needs. Oh, boy were they wrong. My simple Mac, while luxury for a computer, did not have the qualifications needed for the intense firepower that gaming required. Gaming on a Mac was anything but hassle-free.

But my problem as a child is shared by many others. As stated before, gaming requires a ton of power, and every year as games develop to be more advanced, the computers need to be replaced with newer and better parts. Many parents or children cannot afford the costly price tag of a gaming computer. The average gaming computer ranges between $800-$2,000 dollars, and it will still need routine maintenance every year to keep on having high performance on maximum settings. 

Many gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft, and even Valve have all realized that due to the unaffordable nature of gaming that there needed to be a solution. 

Introduce Cloud Gaming, a service that streams online gaming directly onto one’s computer or phone. While remote servers (stored maybe 1000 miles away from a user’s location) run the game that you choose, you can control the game, computer, and in turn, it is streaming on your computer. Many companies have either fully functional servers operating or are in the Beta stages of creating their rendition of “Cloud Gaming.”

Microsoft allows you to play any game in their Game Pass catalog on Cloud Gaming for just a price of $10 a month. So does Google Stadia, and Playstation NOW. 

As they have gone more user-friendly, all these companies have seen their profits skyrocket in the gaming industry. What was once a luxury for very few, is now suddenly becoming an easy and affordable luxury for all.

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